Enjoy the Excitement of ATV Bali Adventure

Looking forward for a relaxing, entertaining, yet adventurous holiday? Bali has it all. The calming nature and tradition, entertaining modernity, is now getting along with adventure. Make the best out of your trip by experiencing ATV Bali adventure.

Bali, the Island of God has long been famous as one of the major tourist destination in the world. The most favorable attraction that invite visitors is the scenic panorama surround its beaches. As more and more people know the island, they begin to discover other interests other than the beaches. Strolling around the roads in the island, we can see that tradition and cultures are something the locals keep holding on to. In this modern age, they are still being thoughtful to the inherited local wisdom. As the Island of God, Bali has numerous spots which are considered sacred. The beautiful nature with this cultural value make the island a perfect destination for tranquil holiday.

Nonetheless, the place still has many to offer. For those adrenaline seeker, Bali is a wonderful landscape to explore by ATV or quad bike. The hilly roads that going up and down through rice fields, quiet traditional villages, bamboo fields, jungle, small river, and wildlife are fun for the ATV ride. Not to mention steep, muddy tracks that will test your adrenaline.

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There are numerous ATV ride provider around the island. You can ride both by yourself or tandem. Tandem ride requires extra charge. The providers also equip you with necessary instruction for a safe ride. Using a four-wheeled motor bike which is profoundly used in farming, most of these ATV Bali adventure rides are friendly for all levels. The wheel height and machine power are adjusted so it is relatively easy to control. Providers even encourage young kids aged around 9 to try the ride.

ATV Bali Adventure Preparation for Safety and Comfort

Although the quad bikes as well as many of the tracks are friendly for beginners, it is best for you to be well informed about the route on your ride. Some tracks have visibly uphill, steep and slippery road that they may be risky for first timers. In rainy season, some tracks are covered in heavy mud and quite flooded that it seems require previous experience of riding quad bike. However, certain providers encourage beginners to try this unique, fun attraction.

If the track difficulty is still possible for beginners to get through, these providers do not require past experience. All you need to do is following safety and operational instructions which are informed before the tour starts. The purpose of the instructions also to make tourists familiar with all safety equipment and skills needed in operating the quad bike.

There are favorite, most-talked about areas among tourists to experience ATV Bali adventure. Going through these tracks, you will enjoy both beauty and adventure in one package.

ATV Bali Adventure in Ubud

If you like to see green nature while having adventure, ATV ride around Ubud is an option. There are jungles with challenging track to get through. The track has obstacles like slippery soils, bumping ground, puddles, and small river that amusingly thrills for your adventurous side. Besides jungle, you may also visit the monkey forest. It is a sanctuary for hundreds of monkeys. Interaction with the primates is allowed since they are quite friendly to humans.

Riding ATV around Ubud, you also have the chance to visit some other interesting spots such as traditional market that sells art products, Ubud Royal Palace, and the beautiful Taro Village. The village is a stunning place with bamboo fields, river, and jungle. Additionally, it is a home for the sacred albino cattle.

ATV Tour Around Gianyar

Gianyar ATV ride offers the beauty of the famous Bali rice fields arrangement. Moreover, you can see the activities of traditional farming there. Gianyar is famous for the beautiful nature which is well-maintained. Tropical plantation and bamboo field there are all carefully treated. Indeed, communities in Gianyar built commitment to preserve nature around them. The important purpose behind the commitment is to make bond between younger generations with the nature. Therefore, visiting tourists are expected to not only enjoy the panoramic scene and adventurous ATV ride, but also to take part in caring for the local environment. The commitment is now being a distinct attractiveness of this area and it what makes the tourists even want to visit.

ATV Tour Badung

Badung ATV tour has many to offer. It is a great option both for young kids or adrenaline seeker. There are many types of tracks to explore for both beginners and experts. Here in Badung, you will enjoy the ride with tropical nuances. Tropical birds, shady trees, and waterfall make the place one exceptional ground for an ATV riding.

There is also small forest that allows you to pick up oranges, freshness right from the trees. A small river with fresh, clean water really invites you to have a dip. Not to mention the famous Bali paddy field. It is an indulgence both to your eyes and adrenaline rush. Located around noted tourism attraction in Bali, Badung ATV tour allows you to explore Kuta and Nusa Dua.

Moreover, if you have not been satisfied yet, simply continue the trip to Bedugul. Do not want to finish the adventure before the night falls? Tanah Lot is located about one hour away. There, you can laid back while enjoy magnificent view of the sunset.

There are many options if you want to experience this ATV ride. The important thing is, be cooperative with the providers by following safety instructions and all the trip guidelines.

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