ATV Ride Bali Package: So Many Great Options

ATV ride Bali package is one of the best deal a tourism attraction providers can offer because it is a package of exciting yet adventurous holiday experience. ATV ride in Bali becomes popular and continues to draw attention from visitors. To response the high interest, ATV tour providers are easy to find. They are located in famous tourist spots around Bali.

ATV ride is definitely another great option rather than cycling or horse riding. It is an exceptional experience to enjoy the beauty of Bali landscape while having an adventure. The tour which passes through rice fields, river, beach sand, and traditional villages will not merely elapse just that. You must go through some obstacles set inn certain spots. Certainly challenging.

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Notes on Preparation for Bali ATV Tour

If you are interested in riding an ATV, you will come to many tour providers, each offers their specialty. However, there are things to consider before picking. Make sure the provider is reliable. It can be shown by good review from users, the quality of the rides, sufficient safety equipment, and communicative instructors. Since you will need shower and personal care equipment, make sure the provider has good standard of cleanliness. You can find them out through their webs or directly come over to the place, feel free to ask before making a deal.

Varieties of ATV Ride Bali Package

These ATV tour providers offer different attractions and features in their packages. It depends on certain conditions such as location and users’ skill. Most of ATV ride Bali package is possible for all level of skill, includes beginners even children. However, some providers provide distinct route for beginners as other routes are more intended for adrenaline junkies. Meanwhile, children are expected to be under adults’ supervision. The minimum age for children is around 9.

Despite of your skill level, you should be cooperative by following providers’ instructions of safety and control. Wear safety equipment properly.

Most of the offered packages are whole day trip ATV ride. You will be taken around attractive spots. The beauty of Bali Island has scenic nature landscape such as jungle, river, and beach. You will also be mesmerized witnessing the famous rice filed arrangement in the island. Besides savoring natural panorama, tourists can also observe the distinct local culture by visiting traditional villages, local market, and palace. Here are some of the most-talked ATV ride Bali package you should try.

Wilderness Around Mount Batukaru

If you are quite an adrenaline junkie, try ATV ride around Mount Batukaru. The track is muddy and there are hills to be tamed. Some packages combine safari trip using a four wheel drive and ATV ride. Along the way, the adventurous ride is framed by scenic shady trees, and beautiful Bali Villages. It is definitely an enjoyable experience. There are actually other exciting outdoor activities featured in a package. .

The variety of nature landscapes in a ride route allow tourists to experience adrenaline rush through rafting. Mountain and forest trekking is also a great option. If you prefer relaxing activities, try cycling or elephant-riding. The cost of a single ATV ride starts from 600.000 rupiahs.

Local Charm In Ubud

If you stay around Ubud, do not miss the chance to explore relaxing view of rice field, small river, and shady traditional villages. It is said to be a friendly track for beginners. Even though so, you will still be challenged by hilly roads along the way. One of the most distinguished spot in this place is the Taro Village. The village is so peaceful with its panoramic view, simply a fine place to relax after all the excitement of adventurous ATV ride.

Another thing that makes the village special that you will find the herd of the albino cattle. It is believed to be sacred by the locals. You will also have the opportunity to spot Pura Gunung Raung Temple. Along the track, you will witness bamboo fields, river, rice fields, and jungle

Ubud is also known as a conservation for monkey. You can see the primates live freely in their habitat

Atv ride Bali package in Ubud costs around 500.000 rupiahs, it depends on featured attraction you want to explore. Some providers also include other excitement such as outdoor game like paint ball. If you are a watersport enthusiast, rafting is also featured in some ATV ride packages. The costs with added features like paint ball and rafting are started from 700.000 rupiahs.

Tabanan ATV Beach Ride

Enjoying Bali beach scenery while having adventure on an ATV ride all at once is not impossible. You can try this around Tabanan regency. Stroll around black sand beach with the view of seaside village. There, you can also spot sacred temples. Feel the sensation from your ATV breaks through the splashing water while wind blows your hair. it is an exceptional experience or a memorable holiday trip.

Crossing Tabanan track, you have the chance to stop a while and enjoy magnificent view from the seaside cliffs. At the end of the day, the sunset view is ready to pamper your eyes.

Moving from the sand beach ride, Tabanan still has more to offer. It has scenic rice fields terrace. Moreover, you can experience a day being local farmer by riding a rickshaw. Also, you have the opportunity to taste the distinct Balinese coffee. Other leisure activities you possibly do around the area is cycling through rice field terraces, adventurous jeep tour, and visiting local organic farm in secluded area. The ATV trip usually takes 1 to 2 hours, depends on the package you want. The price starts from 800.000 rupiahs.

To make the best out of your ATV ride Bali package, please pay attention to your safety and convenience. Do not forget to bring your personal cares that may be needed during the tour. Socks, substitute clothes as you may get dirty at the end of the tour, and mosquito repellant are some of those. Bring extra money as you will need it to buy foods. Generally, providers only includes refreshment in their package, not meals.

However, they will usually take you to local restaurant during the tour. Since own cameras are mostly not allowed, you will also need extra cash to purchase photograph of yourself taken by photographers from the providers that randomly captures your moments during the ride. You may also want to purchase local souvenirs which are sold in the shops in certain spots.

Listen carefully to instructions before the ride begins. Wear properly all the provided safety equipment such as helmet and boots. Added to your list a sunblock cream, sun glasses, and hat to protect yourself from bad UV.

The provider services begins early in the morning. If you want to be picked up, they have that facility. The pick-up cost is around 300.000 rupiahs. Some providers offers a private pick up despite in a group.

ATV ride Bali package is an amusing yet memorable experience. The offered package make it as a great choice to go with families or groups. The featured outbound activities like camping and outdoor games are good to build strong bond and improve communication between members.

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