Adventure on Scenic View: ATV Tour Bali

Bali is a famous tourism destination greatly noted for its beaches and stunning view all over the island. Because of the beautiful landscape, tourists come for tranquility. However, the nature and tradition get along really well with modernity in this Island of Gods. Visitors yet can enjoy a set of entertainments to make the trip complete. Even so, what to choose if you like something challenging?

Do you like to experience adrenaline rush? Experiencing adrenaline rush in an adventure while having a vacation for tranquility is not impossible now in Bali. ATV tour Bali must be on your next destination. Imagine an exceptional sensation of riding an ATV in challenging off-road route while having panoramic, stunning Bali scenery as your backdrop. Backbreaking yet relaxing for the eyes.

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What to Expect from ATV tour Bali?

It is a ride using ATV, a four-wheel motorcycle with adjustment on the wheel height so it easily gets through slippery, wet road. This vehicle is greatly used for farming and off-road tourism objects. ATV or quad bike for this purpose is designed to be user-friendly, easy to control even for beginner levels. Some rides are even possible to ride by children, generally aged 9 at the minimum. Prefer a companion despite riding alone? ATV can also be used for tandem ride. You just have to pay extra charge for tandem option.

In Bali, you can join an ATV tour provider for this adventure. Carefully review before you decide to pick one. Check for the availability of safety equipment, reliable instructors, and satisfying review from costumers. Mainly they will take you to explore track near nature landscape such as mountains, paddy fields, beach, and tracks around rivers. You can also get closed to the traditional culture of the island by exploring ATV tracks in villages. Bali villages not only offers you distinct view of traditional local wisdom lifestyle but also pure, shady and beautiful areas.

The tracks are generally designed to meet your need of adventure with the set of hurdles on certain spots. For beginners, follow carefully the instructions from the provider for a safe, enjoyable, yet fun riding.

ATV tour providers indulge your adventure curiosity each with distinct offer. Tour packages are designed interestingly for a memorable holiday trip. Some advisors also include outbound activities such as camping, camping, team play, and many others. These make the ATV tour Bali activities just fit for family or group trip.


Even though the ATV tour Bali attraction is purposed to be adventurous, you still have to care for your personal needs during the ride. Prepare yourself with sun shields to protect yourself from bad UV. Bring those basics such as sunblock, sun glasses, hat, and personal medicines. To keep you hydrated during the ride, bring sufficient water. A towel also is an aid since you possibly sweat considerably.

You may also need swimsuit and substitute clothes. Your tour providers will certainly inform you for further details on personal equipment to bring. You will never know when you need those tiny details. Keep them with you for a safe, convenient ATV tour Bali. However, to avoid being overload, select those necessities based on the tracks you will go through except you join a whole day trip that takes you to numbers of nature spots.

Famous ATV tour Bali Spots

Of course, there are sets of interesting places for ATV tour Bali. We try to make selection of some of the most-talked spots you should explore for an adventurous holiday.

Payangan ATV Tour (near Ubud and Kintamani volcano)

ATV ride in Payangan near Ubud and Kintamani is an exciting activities with many attractive scenes around the route. Some of the noted spots located around the place are traditional village, holy spring temple, and Kintamani Volcano. Along the way through traditional village, you will witness neat, beautiful arrangements of rice fields. Meanwhile, the holy temple attracts tourists for its uniqueness that they have to follow some requirements before visiting the sacred spot. Kintamani Volcano, is one of the most visited tourism objects. It is an active volcano with a pretty lake.

ATV Ride in Wilderness

Exploring wilderness in beautiful Bali with an ATV is such an exceptional experience. If you prefer this kind of route, the way around Mountain Batukaru is perfect. Going through the mountain, there are muddy roads and hills to be tamed. Shady trees and villages also make the trip even more enjoyable. The track around the area allows an exceptional safari experience using a four-wheel drive too.

Gianyar Tour

Touring with an ATV around Gianyar, you will witness a raw beauty of nature and traditional villages. The cool temperature is friendly for visitors to enjoy their ATV ride. The ATV track in Gianyar passes through rice fields, tropical greeneries, bamboo field, and traditional farming.

Gianyar is noted for the high commitment of its local in keeping their nature green. Therefore, besides enjoying the pure beauty and stimulating adrenaline, there is an important message. Visitors are expected to also take part in caring for the environment. The conservation commitment also has purpose to build bond between the younger generation and nature. The commitment, however, is now turning into potential, unique magnet to attract visitors.

Villages around Gianyar are also nice places to stroll around by bicycle.

ATV Beach Ride Around Tabanan

Bali beaches are said to be the finest places to explore in ATV riding. To experience this, Tabanan regency has something to offer. Around the area, you will be able to ride through beach sand. After that, you will witness scenic rice field arrangements. It is not only the scene that attracts visitors but also the challenging ride as it has jungle tracks that lead through traditional villages. Along the way, there are numbers of interesting objects. There is a temple which is built on the beach that occasionally holds traditional ceremony. If you come on the perfect time, you will be lucky to witness one. You will also find a bath cave, amazing rock formation, and people having fun activities around river, local fishermen, and local farmers cultivating crops. Distinct objects that you cannot find every day.

Ubud Tour

Enjoy the beauty of Bali countryside around Ubud. This area offers stunning view of Bali paddy fields, small river, and local village through hilly tracks. Even though so, the track is friendly for beginner rider. Carefully pay attention to the instructions from your providers before you start.

Taro Village is a spot in Ubud which is famous for its scenic rice field’s view. It is a fine place to laid-back a while after exciting visits. In this tranquil village, you will witness the herd of the albino cattle which is believed to be sacred by the locals. You will also spot Pura Gunung Raung Temple here. The village certainly has more to offer as along the track, you will see bamboo forest, river, jungle, and other amazing nature. Not to mention the Monkey Forest, one of the Bali wildlife.

The muddy, steep track stimulate your adrenaline, making it one of the best experience during your trip. Make sure you have all your personal needs with you to keep the ATV ride safe and convenient.

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